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The Production Room opened its doors on November 2, 1992. Our goal was to provide full-color printing and design services using a PC platform. Many laughed and said it couldn't be done, we would need a Macintosh! It can't be done? Well, this made it an even sweeter challenge. After all, our specialty has always been to do what others say can not be done. So we offered a wide range of services, designed and printed many full color jobs on our PCs and watched as the PC slowly infiltrated the design world. We took on many "odd projects" and never said "no, we can't". Eventually we did break down and add a Macintosh to our network of computers and expanded our services to include service bureau output that would accommodate both PC and Mac users. Now with the new millennium upon us and the boom of the digital age our focus is, of course, the Internet. We offer a wide range of digital services including web site design and hosting, digital photography/video and of course, graphic design. We still take on almost any job a client throws at us, and if we can't do it (which isn't often) we will direct the client to the best source for the job. We have been traditionally trained, but were technology driven.


about us | internet services | other services | portfolio | pricing | contact us

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